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Puppy Puddle is the first and only animal rescue group on Siargao Island in the southern Philippines. We run since March 2018, purely on a volunteer basis and on donations. We focus on saving stray, homeless animals as well as working closely with underprivileged communities to spread awareness about animal welfare and help those less fortunate care for their animals.

Heartbreaking cases that we face daily include:
- unwanted puppies and kittens were thrown out in plastic bags or about to be drowned
- female dogs exhausted from multiple, unwanted pregnancies
- severe skin conditions like mange and scabies
- severe malnourishment and hunger
- deadly canine distemper and parvo viruses
- infections
- road accidents

In order to keep running consistently and effectively we need your help with the following:

-daily running of our mini shelter (rent, supplies, food, medications). We are very lucky to have secured a space where all our rescues are cage-free and can roam around the jungle without the need for confinement (except for severe recovery cases) before they find their forever homes

- supplies for our street missions for stray animals (injectables for skin diseases and infections, dewormers, dog food)

- administering anti-rabies shots and canine distemper vaccinations to animals from underprivileged communities

-organizing MASS SPAY/NEUTER AND VACCINATION EVENTS to help control the number of unwanted and sick animals. This service is FREE for all the local people on the island and is one of our most meaningful missions

-paying off vet bills at the local clinic that we work closely with

Up to date, we managed to:

- organize 11 mass spay/neuter events (most events are three days long; we have to fly vet specialists in from the mainland and in addition offer free vaccinations, deworming and food)

- spay/neuter around 1900 animals

- vaccinate around 1200 animals

- adopt out 125 animals (including adoptions to Canada, USA and France)



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