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Lokal Lab is a registered Siargao-based NGO that creatively collaborates with and supports local communities through sustainable projects with the goal of creating equal access to sustainable lifestyles and opportunities.

To creatively collaborate with and support lo- cal communities through impactful projects with the goal of creating equal access to sustainable lifestyles and opportunities.

To create a self-sustainable community that has the freedom to make their own lifestyle choices.

We believe that by solving issues with the community rather than for them, we are able to create more tangible and sustainable change. By including the community in decision-making, we empower them to take the lead of their future and their potential.

Our Values

  • Sustainability
  • Circular Economy
  • Social Development
  • Community Building

Where are we located?
Lokal Lab is based in BURGOS, a small town situated at the northernmost part of the island of Siargao. It is classified as a sixth-class municipality with a population of about 4000 people, making it the smallest in the province, both in terms of area and population. Being a sixth-class municipality means that the town is one of the lowest earning towns in the coun- try. Most of its residents make a living through shing, agriculture, and manual labor jobs. Our vision is to expand to other municipalities in Siargao, and eventually be present in other island communities in the Philippines.

How do we fund ourselves?
Lokal Siargao, as a social enterprise, is primarily focused on creating social impact. Its profits are reinvested in the community through our non-profit arm, Lokal Lab. We have established a business model that increases financial sustainability to support the community through our NGO initiatives and projects. Through buying Lokal’s Products in Tabo, eating at Snackbar or staying at Lokal Stay, you are sponsoring Lokal Lab’s projects and helping us realize our vision as a self-sufficient and sustainable island that is not exploited by the tourism industry, but benefits from it. We also greatly benefit from donations, be it through individuals or partner businesses that share the same values as us.”

Lokal Snackbar
Lokal Snackbar is a cafe that serves affordably priced items made with completely local ingredients sourced from our partner farms. We offer weekly specials based on what's currently growing on the farms or what's in season! We have special “taga isla” prices for the locals, so that they too can enjoy yummy and delicious snacks! All the profits from the snackbar are generated back into Lokal Lab.

Lokal Stay
Lokal Stay is an ecological accommodation that aims to promote sustainable living and community immersion among tourists within the local neighborhood.

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